Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vegas, baby!

John and I were supposed to go on a little get away to Vegas- but plans changed and we ended up taking the girls with us. My brother and his girlfriend met us there too! It was a week of fun!

The week entailed a trip to Red Rocks National Park, The Hoover Dam, a night time limo tour of the strip and all its glory, a ride up the Stratosphere, a trip to Gold and Silver (the pawn shop from Pawn Stars...we saw the Old Man and Chumlee! Kwynnie got an autograph), Circus Circus, the arcade at New York New York, the M & M store, visited Fremont Street (the girls went zip lining down it!) and much much more!

I went out for a bit one night with the adults and won $600 on a penny slot machine...craziness!

The resort we stayed at was very family friendly- an amazing pool and lazy river, beautiful landscaping (palm trees EVERYWHERE!) and a wonderfully large room with amazing views! Did you know a plane lands in Las Vegas every TWO minutes!? Well it does- trust me!

We took the girls out one night (not real late, like 7:30 but it was already dark. It gets dark around 5:30) We took them to the M & M store and met some very interesting characters on the strip! I thought the girls might be getting freaked out (because I'm talking 'crazies') but no- they were filming them instead. Kynna said we should put them on the internet! :)

So we decided the new Las Vegas slogan is now "What happens in Vegas...ends up on Youtube!" Think it will catch on!?

Here's the first set of photos...we had a total of 10 photo taking devices in our family the rest of the pix will be up soon!


Kindergarten Team said...

Leave it up to your creative girls to videotape...I could just imagine their reactions! :) Can't wait to hear more about the trip and see more pictures. So glad you guys were able to get away for a bit!

Tricia said...

Gold and Silver... Great Idea!
I'm so glad you guys had fun. Cant wait to see more pictures.