Monday, May 16, 2011

baby #4...It's a GIRL!

So we will soon be the parents to FOUR wonderfully talented, beautiful lovely ladies! We are super excited! Good health and no birthing complications are really all we were hoping for with this far so good!

So nursery ideas...

here's the color palette I was thinking...

These fabrics will be used on the crib bedding (a blanket and bumper). One will be used to make a cushion for the antique wooden rocker. And maybe for the curtains...but that's not for certain yet.

The dresser is a 4 drawer chest of drawers we bought at a rummage sale a few years ago. perfect height to attach a changing cushion to the top and make a changing station. It will be painted dove gray with white print numbers on the right side of each drawer front numbering them 1-3...and on drawer #4, we'll spell out 'four' in script font. A little nod to the little one's place in the sibling order.

I also have an antique rectangle mirror that will go above the crib. I'm sure there will be some fabric pendant banners looped around the room as well. Origami cranes (about 50) hanging at different heights above the crib and the girls' artwork hanging in a collection on one of the walls.

The walls are already the perfect shade of we lucked out there! I did find a really neat vinyl wall sticker that would go from floor to ceiling...a white silhouette of a tree....thinking that would look rather smashing in there as well!!

SO that's what's been floating around in my noggin!

by the way...anyone want to show us how to make origami cranes? Better yet...anyone want to come over and help us!!!! (jess, we're already counting on your help!)


wendysue said...

I love it! All of it! (That tree is fantastic!)

I think the cranes could definitely be part of a baby shower activity!

Kindergarten Team said...

I.CAN'T.WAIT.!!!!!!! Just another princess to spoil! :)