Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Kelly Family REUNION

And a reunion it was! We haven't all been together in 9 years! And although we've lost a few since that last get together - we have added two spouses and 5 children to the Kelly clan! From the original 4 siblings and their families, we were only missing two people! Which is pretty darn good! Folks traveled from Indiana and Texas...so it was pretty special!

I was a little concerned last year when Aunt Kate (which is short for Sheila) approached the family suggesting a family reunion at Mahoney State Park. My concern came because most of the Kelly clan aren't really campers. We are all very domesticated and love our air conditioning. Despite that- I dove in head first and supported Aunt Sheila Kate full force!

Welcome bags for each cabin! (contents included a first aid kit, bug spray, gumballs, kleenex, chocolate, popcorn, sanitizing wipes and a roll of toilet paper aka the good stuff)

The event was superb! It was so fun having all the 'grand cousins' (grandkids of the original four siblings) all together! There was swimming, hiking, hide and seek, paddle boats, tower climbing, kite flying, bug catching, marshmallow roasting and tons of laughs! The ages span from 14 to 11 months and they all got along remarkably well!

I especially loved the story telling over dinner! One sibling would begin sharing a childhood memory and a different sibling would chime in "No no no that's not how it was... it happened like this..." and then another sibling would give their version. It was funny! And even funnier when spouses of the siblings would jump in with their versions (from hearing the stories so often and for so long!).

A fun little parting gift...a bag of Trail mix with a tag saying 'Happy Trails!'

It was a good time and I sincerely hope it isn't another 9 years before the clan gets together again!

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