Monday, August 27, 2012

The carnival came to town!

We had a circus/carnival inspired birthday party for Evie this past weekend! She will be turning ONE on Wednesday!

The party was alot of fun...a little stressful, but fun! Stressful because we planned an outdoor soiree. And since our part of country is in a severe drought with little to no measurable rain in months, we thought we were golden. HA! Well, I watched the weather like a hawk the week leading up to the party... I mean I was on intellicast, weather underground and our local news website about every hour with updates sent to my phone twice a day. It did no good- because all I kept seeing was the chances of rain increasing with each day! And it was bitter sweet...because I really didn't want it to rain out the party but I really wanted the rain for our yard, our garden and for the oh my that thing is low!

Oh well! It we watched the radar up until an hour before the party hoping it would clear up! An hour before party time we made the decision to set everything up in the basement and if it cleared up we would plug in the bounce house. Oh ya- did I mention we rented a bounce house...and it rained! :(

Thank goodness the girls had some friends over and my mom was here to help with the chaos! Also very thankful some people cancelled because having 60-70 people in my house would have been a bit nuts!

In the end- it did clear up! The kids were able to bounce to their heart's delight and the games went off just fine in the basement!

Here are photos of the party!

Top left: aprons I made the twins and their friends to wear as they ran the carni games, a balloon banner, mustache straws- super cute!, tickets and prize bags for each child, a photo booth with props, a cotton candy board we made to hold mini bags of sugary goodness at the concessions table

Top left: Evie's shear joy of tearing into gifts, can knock down game, Evie in the bounce house, balloon/dart game and Evie getting her cake!

Happy Birthday little one! 

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