Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas 2013

Our family had another lovely Christmas...spent with those we love! 

Here's a quick recap:

MONDAY December 23rd our little family celebrated Christmas with dinner out and opening gifts

 Corynn received a much desired pair of cowgirl boots! She's wanted her own pair since she outgrew Gma Kelly's. 

Corynn made her sisters burlap pillows representing their fandoms. Kwynn's says "Number 10" for the 10th doctor on Doctor Who and McKynna's is a stag silhouette for Hannibal. 

TUESDAY December 24th was spent at our home with the Kelly clan. Luke and Amy came in from Omaha for the day and John's parents came over. We spent the afternoon together. I didn't get many photos...bummer! 

Boys being boys and Kynna just shaking her head. Kind of funny! 

Our 6 year old nephew showing me how he twerks. hmmmm. Silly kid. 

WEDNESDAY December 25 was spent in GI town with my mom and grandparents. 

Evie snagged the house phone and pretended to call people all night. At least I think she was pretending...we may be hearing from the grandparents when they get their bill. :)

And our 4 generation photo...

It was truly a lovely Christmas! 
Many blessings to all this new year! 

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