Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Cutting back on Zombie time

It's no secret that our family (mostly just John, Corynn and I) love zombies...especially the tv show Walking Dead. It dvr tapes from 8-9 and most Sunday nights you will find us in our bed watching the latest episode. Corynn comes in with a snack, Evie plays around the room and we get cozy under the blankets and watch the zombies eat people. I say cozy...but I really mean we get under the covers so we can pull them over our eyes when needed. 

What I hadn't realized... is that Evie is taking in more than I thought.

Just the other day I noticed her crawling on all fours and growling. I thought she was pretending to be an animal...she loves her animal book and likes to practice the animal sounds. Then she snuck up on me while I was doing dishes and acted like she was eating my leg. Hmmmmm. 

me: "Are you being a bear, Evie?" 

Evie: "no. "

me: "Are you pretending to be a dinosaur?" 

Evie: "no." 

me: "hmm. What are you, silly girl!?"

Evie: "A zmbeeeee." 

me: "A what?"

Evie: "a zmbeeeee"

me: "huh."

I had no idea what she was trying to say, but later it dawned on me that she was trying to say ZOMBIE. I asked her if she was a zombie and she shook her head in happy approval. Freaking lovely.

It's a good thing she only pretend bites...we may need to have a talk if it escalates. But for now- I am alerting any and all visitors to our home. Evie may try to nibble on you. But if she does...that means she likes you!

You've been warned. :)

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