Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas break

I love Christmas time. Not necessarily because of the gifts and Santa and the trees and stockings etc etc etc. But because there is a change in atmosphere. People are usually a little kinder. The kids a little better. The weather bitterly cold leaving us to snuggle at home and stay cozy by the fire. My favorite part of the holiday is spending time with family! We have no tradition when it comes to holidays except that our plans always include family time. And I'm ok with that. That's a pretty great anchor to ground our holidays and help us focus on the true meaning. 

Christmas break officially starts tomorrow at 9:30am for the twins (they only have one class final tomorrow) and 2:53pm for Corynn. I'm not going to lie...I'm really excited! I like having the kids home...the bickering I could do with out- but for the most part it's great! 

I'm still working on the other blog. Hoping to work all this out over Christmas break. Transfer all my projects and fun stuff over to the other one and get this one back to what it once was. A journal. My journal. My take on mothering, being a wife and raising our chaotic bunch. Posts haven't been coming as easy as they once did and I think that's because I lost focus of what I wanted this to be. This is my autobiography of sorts. Something that my children can look back on and share with their families. A place to preserve family memories, stories and events. I choose to share it with family and friends. But it is really for me and my family. So hopefully I can get all this sorted out over the next week or so and start fresh January 1st! 

Merry Christmas

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