Monday, December 02, 2013


We have started our Advent Calendar for the season and I thought I would share it with you!

I made the calendar and talked about that here. But actually coming up with daily things and gifts was the hard part! Also the making sure that we make gingerbread houses on a weekend, because week nights are always crazy busy.

I also found little gifts to incorporate...I explained to the girls (Evie's too little to understand Santa and the older ones already know we believe in the spirit of Santa rather than the chubby man in a red suit) that their stockings may be a little light this year, because we are doing the calendar too! They didn't care at all and are totally thrilled with the idea!

I also attached little clues to the the snowflake ornament, cookie cutter and holiday light. Some gifts were obviously too big for the little burlap they are wrapped and labeled with their corresponding number. The tag in the bag will alert them if there is a gift too. For example, "Stay toasty and warm with a cup of hot cocoa! p.s. open gift #3"

So here are our activities!!

  1. chocolate truffle
  2. Hug your sisters
  3. Hot chocolate (travel coffee mugs for each)
  4. Write or call a grandparent
  5. Grinch poo (green tic tacs with little poem...follow the link)
  6. Cut out snowflakes (snowflake ornament)
  7. monogrammed playing cards
  8. Make gingerbread houses
  9. Gather clothes to donate from closets
  10. Share your favorite Christmas memory (thumb drives for each)
  11. Do 5 good deeds today
  12. Compliment someone (pack of gum)
  13. Listen to everyone's favorite Christmas song (iTunes card)
  14. Drive around and look at Christmas lights (holiday lightbulb)
  15. Decorate sugar cookies for neighbors (cookie cutter)
  16. Read a Christmas book
  17. Make someone smile (chapstick)
  18. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for (pencil)
  19. crocheted scarves (made by me!)
  20. Watch a Christmas movie together
  21. Mistle toes (nail polish)
  22. Make a snowman, snow angel or have a snow ball fight 
  23. Notecards personalized for each girl
  24. Christmas pajamas
  25. Merry Christmas...check your stockings! 

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