Friday, February 21, 2014

catching up

I have been swept up in mother/wife duties lately and my poor blog is suffering. So here is a quick post to get us caught up!

McKynna: She is working hard in school, plugging away at her math and science courses. She is our left brained child. Very logical and efficient. She took the PACT and PSAT earlier this year and based on those scores- she has been flooded with college invites and interest letters. I'm guessing she gets about 6 informational/interest letters and packets in the mail a week. Places as obscure as Morgan State in Maryland to Universities (Iowa, Nebraska, Texas, TCU, Colorado etc) to the ivy leagues, University of Pennsylvania. We are super thrilled for her and the possibilities that await her! She is pretty intent on going to a university over seas...but we'll see. She is also taking a jewelry class in school (which she is only taking to fulfill an art class requisite for graduation) and has had fun integrating her left brained tendencies into the assignments. For a bead bracelet assignment, she arranged the beads in morse code spelling out a favorite quote. It's pretty cool!

Kwynn: Busy at school as well. She loves to challenge her teachers, especially in history and culture. She is excelling in French class:

She is an extremely talented writer and has been publishing works on website. She is shy and tentative about sharing her work, by doing so online allows her to remain anonymous. I have read some of her work and she has no need to be apprehensive. She is truly gifted. Right now her future plans are - get her teaching degree and teach abroad. A program similar to what my cousins did- teaching American classes in foreign countries. They loved it and it sounds like a perfect fit for her. She is the complete opposite of McKynna in so many ways. They recently attended a church dance. Here's a bit of the text she sent me coming home from the dance. It was her answer to my questions about the boys she danced with...

This girl is funny and makes me smile so much!

Corynn: Can you believe this kid is gearing up for middle school!? We have Middle school open house next week and I'm not going to lie- it's kind of freaking me out! How can she already be in middle school!? She also has the 5th grade science fair next week where she will be presenting on her research and experiments on Taste Perception. We just received her results from the NeSA tests and she scored 95%...which means she is testing higher than 95% of other 5th graders. Pretty proud parents! She is also extremely active- always running around, having sleepovers, going on play dates, invited to birthday parties all the time...this kid needs her own personal assistant to help keep track of her social calendar. She had parent teacher conferences this week and the teacher said she is a quiet leader. She is a great representative to her peers, mature and kind and leads by example. At home- we are privy to her wicked sense of humor. She is hilarious, sarcastic and spot on with timing and comebacks. She will be a handful for some poor soul some day!

Evie: Evie is fast approaching 2 1/2! Thanks to the ipad and learning apps- she has learned colors, numbers, matching and so much more. She will be more than ready for preschool this fall. She is ready for potty training, but we won't get serious about it until spring break. John, Corynn and I are heading to see my dear friend, Kristina...and I don't really expect my mom to watch the twins and Evie AND deal with potty training. Evie also still has her bink. We are working on it, but she is stubborn. She loves to jump and play. And she is desperately wanting warmer weather to come. She misses her outdoors. Yesterday I broke down and let her play outside. It was 32 degrees with a bitter northern wind. We lasted 15 minutes, her little hands were bright red and cold- she bawled as I carried her inside. She entertains me everyday- just the other night she was tending to her babies and feeding them popcorn. What a sweetie!

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