Thursday, February 06, 2014

whoop whoop GO USA!!!

Guess what starts tonight!? THE OLYMPICS!!!! wooo hooooo!!!!!

Our house is thrilled! A bit divided...Kwynn is partial to Russia, Ukraine and probably France...Kynna is pro Ireland and England. But when it comes down to it...we are all TEAM USA!!!

Favorite sports in the winter olympics: Snowboarding and luge

The debut sport most excited to see: Mixed team figure skating..think synchronized swimming on ice!

Have no interest in but hope USA wins: Blathlon

Favorite underdog: The Jamaican bobsled team. They had to raise money to pay for the trip and then they get to Russia, but none of their equipment or luggage has arrived. And the games start today! I would totally be freaking out...they don't even have a change of clothes! When interviewed, Winston Watts (the bobsled pilot for the team) said "he hopes the equipment arrives later Wednesday or early Thursday morning so he and brakeman Marvin Dixon can practice." Watts also said he has a backup plan and could borrow runners and equipment from other nations. "We have a lot guys who's going to help us," Watts said. "They want to help us."

Isn't that cool! Other countries are willing to help them you back a little faith in humanity! 

Let the games begin...may the odds be ever in your favor! 

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wendysue said...

Yes!!! Another Olympic junkie like me!!