Tuesday, February 25, 2014

dearest child

Dear Evlynn,

      You are such a charming angelic child and it fills my heart beyond description at just how thankful I am we were blessed with such a wonderful little soul. From day one, I knew you were perfect! The fact that you screamed and howled for two days straight until the nurses finally listened to me and gave you a pacifier and bottle- showed me your determination. Some might have said you were a screaming banshee sent from the depths of the underworld, but not I. I just smiled and beamed with pride.

And today, you are still that determined bossy bit of goods you were two and half years ago. Just yesterday I was thinking to myself, and perhaps voiced aloud, what a God send you were. You were riding your little stick pony around the family room screaming screeching calling "Yippee hi ho!". When all of a sudden, you decided to spin circles because your horse saw a snake. So cute! So creative! And when you knocked down two glasses of water and bowl of popcorn with the back end of the horse- I didn't yell at you. Not even when you threw a bloody fit when we tried to clean it up because your horse was going to need to eat and drink. Instead I asked "Dear God, why?" Why was I given such a precious child? 

Your adorable half growl half howl of the word No in public places is c.u.t.e! So cute I can't stand it. Makes me want to rush you out to the van so I can have a private viewing of the drama...such a theatrical little girl! And let me just say- you have the fake nasally cry down cold! The wailing, flailing- so believable! I almost break down in tears myself! You could win an Oscar, I swear!

Grabbing my ipad, drink, phone, carrots or anything else when I'm distracted and saying very clearly "HA! I stole it!" leads me to believe you are a real go-getter. It's that determination we saw at birth still shining through. I know you will go far in life! (or get life, potato-potata) You have already embodied the great American spirit of take what you want and it thrills me. It really does, my little patriot!

This morning I was once again held privy to your excellence. You came running over and informed me  that you had pooed your pants. I responded with "Evie, no you didn't!?" (mostly out of frustration and dismay). As I was gathering up a diaper and wipes and called for you to lay down. You held your hand out to me and said "See momo- I did poo!" Oh child, I can not even begin to tell you how thrilled that made me! It seriously made me want to call it a day (at 10:42am) because really? How it could possibly get any better!?

I love you, dearest Evlynn!


****If you can't sense the sarcasm/satire that is dripping off of every word- shame on you. shame shame :)

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