Thursday, April 09, 2015

Building a foundation

We officially broke ground on our new home March 19th. It's kind of crazy and surreal. John and I have been wanting to build our own home out on the family acreage since we bought the place 13 years ago. It was always a dream, a goal we were ultimately working towards. John and I realize how incredibly fortunate we are to be able to do this.

We designed our new home, which was an exciting task. We poured over floor plans for months, literally thousands of them. We never found the perfect one to fit our needs and long term plans for the home. Then one day we found a plan was very very close, but not quite. So we took that plan, eliminated the second floor, add a master to the main floor, reconfigured the other bedrooms and moved a few walls. Finally we were at a point where this was the house we wanted. We took our crazy drawings to a few builders, who liked our vision but had floor plans that were similar and tried to push us that way. Then by chance we found James. We had worked with James on a previous project and experience was great. So we met with him and showed him our sketches. He immediately saw what we were going for and fully embraced it. We knew he was our guy.

James is a super great guy and has high expectations for the standard of work on his builds. He's great to work with and has been super accommodating with our requests. It has been so much fun picking out flooring, cabinets, tile and granite. I pretty much have a vision in my head of what I want, so picking out the actual material has been pretty easy.

Of course there has been stress, mostly because we have our current home on the market and we want it to sell. The waiting game is stressful. So is living in a home while trying to sell it, especially when there is 6 of us here. But it will all be worth it! I know the right buyer is out there. :)

Here are the first pix of Casa de Kelly:

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