Wednesday, January 27, 2010

unexpectedly coming together

We were given a beautiful piece by John's parents. A baker's rack topper thing- which I thought would be absolutely perfect for our new house (this was prior to moving in). But once we moved didn't fit where I really wanted it to go.

Our master bedroom had deep red and tan striped curtains with black out blinds behind them. Since our window is the size of a sliding glass door and faces the east...the black outs are REALLY nice! Also for privacy reasons. The walls in the master are a creamy off white- almost a light yellow. And the carpets are a light grey. Quite the color combination- huh!?

Two delimas - not sure what to do.

We went shopping for a bottom console to put the topper on...we found the perfect piece on our first outing...the two were seriously meant to go together. They look like once big piece rather than a buffet table and baker's rack.

We put them in our dining room- looks great! Now what to put on it...hmmmmm? That was a tough one. In fact it sat empty for a month and probably would have even longer...but last week I received the latest Pottery Barn catalog (full of such pretty pictures!) and its theme was country chic. Coincidence? I think not!

This beautiful layout provided me with the perfect inspiration.

White pottery, baskets, wire metal and glass all mixed into a lovely display. I headed out to Hobby Lobby to see what I could find. In the clearance aisle I found iron baskets in multiple sizes ranging from $1.50-$2.75...PERFECT! I also found a cute pedestal bowl that was white. All will be great for entertaining and use in the dining room.

I also made a run out to the antique mall north of luck but I still LOVE that place!

I came home and started finding pieces that would work. Here's how it turned out.

Now the master bedroom proved a little more difficult. How on earth was I going to make all those colors work?!

I bought a new quilt for the bed- a pretty white and brown toile. I switched out our white pillow cases for red ones that matched the curtains. Threw in some white pillows and a red accent one that previously resided on our big red chair.

I hung an antique mirror over the bed...which at the time was only thing I had that was the right size and not already hanging somewhere. But it ended up being perfect!

Last night I made some silhouettes from 18th century profiles I found via a google image search. One man. One woman. Printed them, cut them out with my exacto and then gave them a light coat of flat black craft paint. I mounted them on some red and creme toile scrap book paper and framed them with some inexpensive mats/frames. Each one now hangs on either side of the bed near our bedside tables.

I really wanted to do something like this in the room...but I don't think it would fly with John. I really do like the old photos informally hanging about.

So I improvised... I recovered my old bulletin board with a brown and white fabric. Found some black and white photos and some sepia toned ones...some recent some old. I scanned copies as to not damage the originals and pinned them to the new bulletin board with pewter upholstery tacks left over from a previous project.

And here it is so far...

On the other side of the room out of view is my beloved black and white buffet...currently being used as office storage and a tv stand. It looks surprisingly good.

Hope you enjoyed that little peak into our home!


Can I Have This Dance.... said...

You really have a gift for decorating. I love your bakers rack!

The Brink Blog said...

I still am in love with your bedspread! You have such a knack for decorating...hmmm...wonder if I could quit my job and we could start a DIY business??!!