Saturday, March 06, 2010

birthday boy

My man is turning 32! Not much of anything big going on- with my mom being so sick. But in an effort to show him just how much we love him...the girls surprised him with a birthday party! John and I had headed up to see mom this morning. Our friend, Jess and her daughter came over to stay with the girls. I left some money, poster paper, markers, streamers and cupcake mix and frosting and told them to go wild!

They didn't disappoint! Thank you so much Jess, Kayin, Kynna, Kwynnie and Pucca- it looks wonderful! I can tell you had a fun time with it!

Happy Birthday, babe!


wendysue said...

Wow! Little party planners you have there! I love the 32 made with the cupcakes!

The Brink Blog said...

We loved decorating...I think it should be a second job for me! You know I love to throw parties and you have the perfect place for it! To see the girls giddy and excited was great! Thanks for letting me "invade" and show them some tricks of the trade!