Friday, March 19, 2010

Just for you! (You know who you are)

We cleaned out the garage during our two days of heavenly sunshine. And do you know what we found!? A car seat from the van! A little piece of Bessie...left behind. Once lost, but now found, only to rip open the flood gates of memories we had wrapped up in that beautiful piece of golden machinery.

What to do with such a keepsake!? Call the salvage yard? Put it out with the trash? Keep it? hmmmmmm...

Then I remembered an idea given to me by a very wise woman.

Its now extra seating for our front porch!

*If you can't tell that I'm being completely sarcastic and funny...shame shame! Like I would really use it for front porch seating! HA HA...its actually going on the back patio! :)

** Mom is doing wonderfully! She is going to be released next stinkin exciting!


fizahafizah said...

i like your blog..:)

The Brink Blog said...

Love it! Glad to hear that mamma's doin' well!!!

McAllister Family said...

I love that your van was named Bessie. Brings back great memories of the old van of my childhood...Thelma. I think the seat is definitely a treasure!
PS- I'm SO glad to hear your mom is coming home!