Monday, March 01, 2010

My mama

For those who don't mom underwent emergency surgery last Wednesday night. Its been a LONG five days. And there will be long days to follow. Driving back and forth between Omaha and here, trying to stay strong and not break down in tears at random times, cherishing the little moments I've had with my children these past days and managing to get a few hours sleep somewhere amidst the chaos.

Some things I've discovered this week:

  • Dr. Pepper is my friend!
  • 400 cc of urine is something to CHEER about!
  • The body is a crazy piece of machinery
  • The line between laughing and crying can blur so much that it seems like your doing both at the same time.
  • Hospital chairs are NOT my friend
  • I have an awesome family
  • And wonderful friends
Actually I already knew the last two ...but they were reinforced wonderfully these past few days!



The Brink Blog said...

Thanks for the update! We are continuing to keep her in our prayers! We will stop by sometime this week and say hello!! Kayin was asking about everyone the other night when we dropped of the "goods"!!

wendysue said...

Audra! I had no idea. I love you and your family and your sweet, sweet Mama! I'll be thinking of you, let me know if you need anything!