Thursday, March 25, 2010


Our lives are kind of sort of crazy right now. Mom is home with us...finally after 5 weeks in the hospital! YAY! She still has a long road - but she'll get through it!

The girls have spring break this week- which is so nice! They seem to be adapting quite well to our new patient. Kwynnie is the official foot rubber. Pucca can get a cup of crushed ice in 5 seconds flat. And Kynna is always there to hold her hand. Mom stood up by herself yesterday and we all clapped, hoot and hollered.

The home nurses are great and have really helped me learn about her care- meds, feeding tube, insulin etc. She has an appt on Monday in Omaha to have some drains taken out- which make walking with the walker SO much easier!

I'm only two loads of laundry away from being caught got away from me these past few days. And I'm actually looking forward to making my grocery list and menu for the week. Kynna has some homework projects we're going to work on and I promised Pucca we'd start planning her bday party. Kwynnie is on my case about getting our seeds started for the garden this summer. And when I thought I couldn't be more busy....Pucca's principal called and personally asked me to be on the PTO board...for next year! I figure the position doesn't start until August and she's lucky I'm a little sleep deprived- I said yes.

Well, enough for now- I should check in my patient!

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The Brink Blog said...

So glad to hear that your mom is doing well. And congrats on personally being asked by the principal to be on the PTO board next year!!! That's awesome! We are knee deep in planning a party around here too!!! Having quite the time finding all the little luau knick knack stuff!