Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a new season

So tonight is the first night of practice for softball season. I will be the first the to tell you- I know my kids won't be winning/earning any athletic scholarships...they more or less play for the social aspect of the game, to have fun and to participate in aerobic activity over summer vacation. That's the nice way of saying...well you know. But in their defense- we can't all be professional athletes and I've never heard of Einstein winning a race!

They weren't going to play this year...which was fine with me- I didn't care either way. But at the last minute- they had a change of heart.

They are on a different team this year. With a coach we don't know and kids we don't know. The coach called last week to say hi, welcome us to the team and when and where practices were going to be. He also asked if the kids had played before or if this was their first season. After a moment of silence (I actually thought about lying) I admitted they'd played before...making a special effort not to mention this was their fourth season...didn't want to get his hopes up.

John and I were conversing about the upcoming practice. Wondering if the girls would have 'special' jobs this season like bench warmer or official water girl.

Then we decided to just go with the flow- what will be will be. All that matters is that the girls have fun and learn one of the hundreds of lessons team sports can teach an individual.

It will all be good.

Then I overheard Kwynn wondering aloud- Which hand do I throw with?

heaven help us!

post edit: This post is in jest. I love my children very much and would never belittle them or make fun. This is just my odd sense of humor expressing itself. When my blog is published for future posterity...the girls will laugh and know exactly what I'm talking about. Its just how we roll...we're tight like that!

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The Brink Blog said...

We'd love to get a schedule! Maybe we can come to some, if not all of the games! :)