Thursday, May 27, 2010

a new little man

My main man, Thunder, became a big brother today! It was super exciting! Thunder's mom and I have been friends since we were seven. Her name is Kristina. My mom dropped us off at her house to spend the day because she had to work. It was early in the morning and Kristina was still sleeping. But when she woke up - she was so excited about the fact that her underwear matched her nightgown- she even whipped up her gown to show me. We became bestfriends- how could you not!?

She's the closest thing I have to a sister and is my oldest and dearest friend. We been through it all together; love, hate, death, birth...seriously, we've been through alot!

Anyway- she had baby #5 this morning. I am thrilled for her and the family! The newest addition came quickly and is super cute!

Congrats Kris and Jay- you done good!


Kristina said...

So cute! Thank you!

The Brink Blog said...

Please don't tell me that is Thunder in the blue??!! He is HUGE!! And looks like he's pretty super excited to become a big brother!! We should all try to get together sometime this summer! Congrats Kristina...he looks like a keeper (not to mention a cutie)!!