Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Day 2010

Its finally here! The girls went off to school this morning....YEE frickin HAW! We were all excited! Especially since I found out that there is a bus pickup right by our house! (Pucca is being bussed to an off-site this year because her school is under construction)

Pucca had her '1st day outfit' picked out weeks ago. The twins didn't decide until this morning. Everything went well this morning- pretty smooth! Its crazy how easy it is to slide back into a routine!

And for the grandparents:

(kwynnie tied her strings before getting to school)

(don't you just love her little bow! Too cute!)

Getting on the bus...first stop on the route and only one at this stop

Twins getting out at school...they wouldn't let me get out and take a pic- so I quickly took this one. Kwynn was mortified when the flash went off! It was kind of funny!

Kynna and Kwynn have most of their classes together- which is a change. We'll see how it goes...they're acting like they don't know eachother- wonder how long that will last!?

Pucca likes her teacher and is excited to be back with friends. She gets to ride the bus home with her cousins- which is always fun!

Here's to a SUPER FUN 2010 school year!!!!

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