Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Girls Night

The girls and I headed back to GI town last weekend to spend the evening with my mom and grandma. Four generations of women enjoying the evening together...just because.

My grandma is crazy! Not mentally crazy...but the kind of 'cool' crazy I want to be when I'm great-grandma! She goes on outrageous shopping trips with friends, drives a Lexus convertible and looks amazing! She's been through alot too- five husbands and counting (just kidding! Actually her and her husband are celebrating their 14 wedding anniversary today! I think that's a record for her- seriously! Congrats you crazy kids!) AND she's beaten colon cancer which reared its ugly head a few years ago.

This is my gma 'striking a pose' when I asked for a photo.

Going home usually means my mom will have a list of stuff she needs help with. And I help as much as I can because...well, because she's my mom and I love her.

So we tackled a few items; hanging a new shower curtain rod (which required the use of power tools- so of course!), staining the deck, and weed/volunteer tree patrol.

Kynna and Pucca trimming trees and pulling weeds

mom and Kwynnie staining the deck

Kwynnie forcing a 'pre-teen full of attitude' smile...lovely isn't it!?

It was a fun evening - one that when done again will encompass the whole weekend instead of just one night. There just wasn't enough time!

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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

It was great having you here and THANK YOU for all your help! Love, mom