Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Speaking in CODE

It can be as simple as spelling out the word rather than saying it. We've all done it. Trying to convey something to someone without everyone else know what that something is.

For example:

When John asks "Do you want to go on a walk?" - what he's really asking is "Do you want to go Home Depot or Lowes and walk around and figure out which projects we're going to tackle?"
Now I admit- those stores are huge and walking around them for an hour can be quite the workout (especially if little ones are in tow). I haven't quite figured out why we use that it because he wants to disinterest the kids from going or is it because phrasing household projects 'as good for your health' may interest me more? hmmmmmm Either way - it works!

A friend of the girls came to stay the night- her mom dropped her off and said her boyfriend was in town and they were going jogging, and if we needed anything we could reach her on her cell.
Now I don't know about you- but if my long distance boyfriend was visiting, I don't think we would be jogging! I'm just saying! We'd go to dinner, a movie, shopping, mini golf (keeping it G rated folks! This is family blog) Seriously hoping D was using jogging as a code word for something else!!!

I have a friend who will call me up and 'ask me to breakfast'...which is code for 'I need to talk to someone'.

Or with another friend...its 'needing pie' which is code for 'something crappy just happened' ...the kind of crappy that can only be fixed with pie or chocolate or chocolate pie.

There are more but I don't want to give away their meanings. They are secrets. So much fun- I love the look on the other person's face when you use the code word...its like being a kid again.

As I get older I'm finding more and more joy in the little things and this is just one of many.


Hollie said...

This was fun to read. I share a few with you. When my sister and I are talking on the phone and wither one of us asked a questions that the other can't answer (like the kids are around) the answer is always, "sorry, I'm in a corn field" aka lots of little ears listening. The only other one I can think of is whenever I say I need a Pepsi or a Coke it's pretty much code for everyone around me that I'm in a crappy mood and well, I nee a soda!

Audra said...

LOVE your corn field code- I'm going to have to steal that one!!! Hey- I need your address...I have a baby gift for you and the little one! You can email it to me...audra AT