Thursday, September 26, 2013

Advent calendar

This is WAYYYYYYY early but you know...

So I was at the craft store the other day helping Corynn pick out some fun crafty things to add to a gift for one of her friends. And right by the checkout were a bunch of $1 bins. And in these little bins were 2 packs of burlap sachets. SCORE! You could always make these, but with the draw strings and the shedding properties of burlap...I paid the $1. I grabbed 13 packs- which gave me 26 little bags. I instantly knew what I was going to do with them. I was going to make our advent calendar. BUT they would also make cute little goodie bags or Valentine packages or for little gifts at Christmas...the list of possibilities is infinite!

NOW the advent calendar...I have always wanted one. But they can be really expensive, and the wooden ones have such tiny little compartments. And when it comes down to it...I've never found one that I love enough to spend $70 on.

So these burlaps bags were inspired and perfect! Because you know I'm really loving burlap right now!!!

I had an old frame in the basement (NEVER throw out old, scratched, dented or ugly frames!!! They always have potential!). It was scratched and kind of an ugly oak-y color. It was perfect! I grabbed our sander and roughed it up. Stretched some chicken wire across the back, tacked in some nails, strung up my bags and VOILA! 

My perfectly sweet advent calendar! And it cost under $20!

greenery scraps used to decorate bookcases and hutches for the holidays, pine cones from the yard and a little hot glue. I also used butchers twine to string the bags. 

The burlap bags are plain, I added the numbers with a black sharpie and a stencil. But you could put a red heart for Valentine's or a green Christmas tree for Christmas many possibilities! 

And Evie has already got the hang of it. While I was typing up this post, she filled each pouch with chess pieces. Funny girl!

 Can't wait to think of little things for each day! I'm all for little gifts, but I want to sprinkle in other things like a scripture or quote, a goal for the day (like Go out of your way to help someone or Share a smile with 5 people). oooooh...this is going to be so much fun! 

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