Friday, January 31, 2014


Evie is talking more and more each day! Which is a good thing- don't get me wrong. But I thought it would make communication soooo much easier. In some ways...not so much!

Me vs you and your vs mine

She loves to look through photos. And when we come to a picture of her, I point and say "It's you!". When I get a photo of me I say "It's me!".  Well now that she can talk, every picture of me is me and every picture of her is you. Does that make sense?

And mine and yours...jeez! Last night I had a 10 minute conversation with her about which bed we should lay down in. Mine or yours? She kept saying "Mine! Mine!" So we went in her room. She immediately started crying and saying "Mine! Mine!". And I was so confused, because we were in her bed. Finally I asked to show me, because I just wasn't getting it. So she hops out of bed and goes into our room. She points to my bed and says "Mine!". And at first I thought she was laying claim to my bed- and there was no way I was letting that happen. So I looked at her and said "Noooo. That's mine! That's my bed." She smiled, shook her head and said "yep. Mine."

After about 10 minutes of cuddles with daddy and a bit of cartoons, she decided it was time to go to "YOUR" bed. And just as the words "Evie, this is bed is mine and that's your bed." came out of my mouth- it hit me. Poor kid! How confusing! I don't remember such antics with the other children. She will most definitely keep us on our toes!

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