Friday, August 15, 2014

Enjoying the little things

Yesterday morning after getting home from dropping off Corynn at school, Evie asked me if we could play outside. " Oh please oh please mom!"

So of course we went outside and played on the swing set. I sometimes watch her and wonder what it would be like to care free and little...always so excited about the littlest things. We switched out her baby swing for a youth swing and she was elated! I never knew how much joy could be gathered from simply taking a swing from storage in the garage and hooking it up could bring to her. And then I lowered the regular swing so she could use both and you would have thought it was Christmas! "You are the greatest mom ever!" " This day is just the best!" It was quite adorable.

**And just for the record...this is day four of wearing her sparkly dresses. She has this mint green one and a coral one. She has been wearing one of them (and sometimes both at the same time) since Tuesday. She really really likes them...they are pretty cute! 

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