Thursday, August 07, 2014

pfew! Bring on the weekend!

The past week seems to have just flown by. It feels like we've been going non-stop and I can't wait for the weekend! This is the last weekend before school starts....kind of a bummer!

Here's some of what has been going on:

John, Jeff, Evie and I went out to the Country Fair. Evie loved the petting zoo. She would lean in real close and talk to the animals. It was really sweet! 

John let Evie run through the sprinklers one night. She was pretty much in heaven! 

 Lots of one on one time together with Evie. She found some buttons and I taught her how to group according to color and size. She's a smart cookie! 

AND then the girlies came home! Evie was so excited to see them! 

Lots of hugs and loves and squeezes! 

The girls had a blast and had fun stories to share about their adventures with Gma Ski. I'm so thankful they had this chance to spend time with her and make these memories! She's a wonderful grandma! 

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