Thursday, August 14, 2014

School Days 2014

The girls started school this week. I'm still kind of in shock that summer is already over. What is it with school starting so darn early!? Not that I is nice only having one child during the day. :)

This year we have a sixth grader in Middle School and two juniors in High School! Say what!? I know right? It's completely nuts. I mean it all feels right and natural but just saying 'sixth grader' and 'juniors' boggles the mind.

The girls indulged me in 'First Day' photos:

Corynn before school...she started on Tuesday. 

Corynn after a successful first day in the big new school!

Evie and I hanging out. (This is me sans makeup but that's pretty much how I roll. A no fuss kind of girl. But that may have to change because the wrinkles and age are definitely starting to show. yuck)

Pretty sure Evie missed her sister!

The twinners started school on Wednesday. Had to take the photo inside since they leave for school at 6:15 and it was still dark outside. A huge shout out to John for taking them so I don't have to make two school runs in the morning. 

 The next batch of photos are of our "Back to School"'s an annual celebratory thing. Sometimes we order pizza, go out to a restaurant, pick up some Dairy Queen or just celebrate at home. In any case we celebrate and kick off another exciting school year! 

My favorite part. I printed off 'first day' school photos from all the past years and hung them from the light fixture over the dining table. So fun to see how much our little ladies have grown. My favorites were of the first day of kindergarten. My wittle babes! 

And a german chocolate cake for dessert! 

Here's to an amazing 2014-2015 school year! 

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Kori said...

Awesome!! Happy back to school!!