Saturday, August 09, 2014

Mayo Visit 2014

Corynn had a check up appointment at Mayo this past week. So John, Evie, Corynn and I headed up there for a quick visit. We left after lunch on Tuesday and were home Wednesday night.

Her appointments went really well. They are still impressed with her recovery and mobility. There are a couple of surgeries that may need to be addressed in the future, but for now she's doing great. Just needs to keep stretching and strengthening the muscles. Oh and her surgeons also told her to quit growing. She's passed two of them up in height! ;)

The art at the Mayo Clinic campus is AMAZING! And it's everywhere! These blown glass pieces have always been a favorite of mine!

This otter/beaver is inlayed marble in one of exam rooms. It was whole scene with two swimming otters further up. So pretty! 

Corynn showing off her moves to Dr. Shin

Her whole team is still working the Brachial Plexus clinic and giving hope to so many! 

Dr. Spinner...happy with how well she's doing! 

It was a nice short visit. And reassuring to know she doing so well. 

I would like to share a sweet little story. Evie has many grandmas; Grandma Ski (which she pronounces as all one word which sounds like gram-ski) and Grandma Scarborough (which she pronounces gram borrow). She has always referred to Grandma Kelly as just grandma. And Jeff is just grandpa.

Well, from the minute we left for Rochester on Tuesday I felt Nancy's presence. We had made this trip so many times together. There were and are so many memories of her and with her in Rochester, at Mayo and St. Mary's. She helped so much with Corynn's care. I couldn't help but think of her. I never shared my thoughts with Corynn or John and kept those feelings to myself. However on Wednesday morning, we weren't more than five feet off the elevator into the Mayo building when Evie says "I miss grandma. I really miss her." John and I were shocked. It was so out of the blue. John had been thinking it and so had Corynn. And to have Evie verbalize it gave us a sense of peace knowing Nancy was near. We all miss her so much.

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