Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014 part 1

This year the Kelly family opted for something different when celebrating the Christmas holiday. It was our first Christmas missing Nancy. Nancy made every Christmas so special. She was the queen of entertaining and passed on so many traditions to our families. It just wasn't going to be the same, celebrating together at home with out her. And although we missed her something fierce this Christmas- it was fun to do something different and travel as a family.

We all headed to southern California. The weather was amazing! The beach was amazing! The resort was amazing! The ocean was amazing.... actually it was freezing!!! But still tons of fun! And it didn't stop the kids!

Here are some photos of the first part of our trip. We spent 5 days with Luke, Amy, the boys and Jeff.

We drove up to Newport Beach with Jeff. On the way, we stopped in Laguna to stretch, get some gelato and dip our toes in the Pacific. 

We spent the next few days at the beach. The twins weren't interested in actually swimming or body boarding so they just hung out on the beach and read books. But Corynn had a blast with her cousins and Evie entertained herself (we now have a collection of shells thanks to that little gatherer).

The kids really did have fun together! 

It was a great trip and memories were made! We are incredibly blessed to have such an awesome dad/grandpa who can make amazing trips like this happen! We love that guy!

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