Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Flu humbug!

If it's going around...someone in our house has caught it.  Evie and John both came down with sinus infections. McKynna had bronchitis and Kwynn and Corynn are recovering from their colds. Pertusis is making it's way around the high school and several kids have tested positive for influenza at the middle school. It almost feels like the movie Contagion. Everyone has been sick but me. I felt it coming on last week but refused to give in. And so far I seem to be fine. I credit my determination and love of clementines! I'm a strong believer in vitamin C.

I like to make homemade chicken noodle soup when one of the girlies is sick. Something about the chunky noodles and warm broth...seems to do the trick! 

The worst part of having sick kids, is the helpless feeling you feel when they are suffering. It's terrible! One day Evie was coughing up so much mucus that she was vomiting. I felt so bad for her. And she didn't understand why mommy couldn't make it stop. Thank goodness for modern medicine. 

She seems to be feeling better and is ornery as ever. Just in time for the holidays! :)

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