Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tis the season

My favorite part of the holiday season is baking yummy treats and making small gifts for my family and friends. 

Here are a few pics of what's been done this year. 

These pinterest inspired cuties are what I made for the cookie exchange last week! Love how they turned out. I changed a few things to simplify. And I discovered a love of Royal Icing...best stuff ever! 

I used up some wood scraps and made a few holiday buntings. I used my cardboard stencils and a dark brown sharpie for the letters. Then used a clear coat over the whole disk to seal it. Drilled holes on either side of the disk and then strung them together with twine. Two of them say Merry Christmas and one says Peace & Joy.

I had a stash of tin cans in my craft closet and decided it was time to either use them or put them in the recycle bin. So I ended up using them as gift tins for my friend and teacher gifts. 

My friend and teacher gifts this year were homemade vanilla extract. Finally 4 months later...it's ready to gift! This is how I made it. I also printed off some labels at Kinkos to add to the bottles. 

And here they are ready to go! 

I also added some vanilla cookies that I made using the vanilla with each tin. That way the recipients could get a little taste of how awesome the vanilla is! It really has a great flavor! 

Notice the Royal Icing? Yup! Love that stuff!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!!!

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