Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Evie's first plane ride

Evie and I went to Arizona a few weeks ago and she experienced her first plane ride. It was just a two hour direct flight so I thought it would be do-able. But kudos to all the parents who fly solo with their little ones. Evie is three and I can't even imagine taking a baby.


  • Getting through security with her bag, my bag, my purse, out tickets and id was hilarious. Add to that taking out liquids, taking off shoes and trying to coax her through a metal detector...quite the adventure. I'm soooooo glad the airline let me check her car seat rather than gate check it. Because I might have given up at that point. 
  • Coming home, our flight had three seats on both sides of the aisle. Evie WOULD NOT get in her seat because she had to sit by a stranger. I'm talking full fledged melt down hysterical crying. We lucked out and the flight attendants let us move to an empty row. Which was a miracle because those shuttle flights are always full. Then we sat on the tarmac for an hour while the pilots figured out paper work. Evie had to pee. But we had been told to stay in our seats. Finally I asked if she could use the bathroom. The minute we got in the tiny little lav-closet and she was situated on the seat- the pilot comes on the intercom and says "Once everyone is in their seats- we can take off." Of course Evie gets stage fright and decides she can't go. LOVELY. 

But over all- it was a pretty descent experience- she did well. On our next flight she sits in between Corynn and I think we should be ok there. And we are checking bags so security should be a bit easier. Even still, I'm guessing we will have some stories to share!

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