Tuesday, September 11, 2007


The Nebraska Cornhuskers will be playing top ranked USC this weekend. We were generously offered tickets from John's parents but decided to pass. More than a few people have expressed their shock and disbelief in such a thing. So I feel the need to explain...

I love the Huskers- I think they are a great team! They are the one thing all Nebraskans have in common and in some weird way bind us together forever. You can go on vacation and meet someone, they used to live in Nebraska and instantly the conversation turns to Husker football. This recently happened when I went to Vegas in April. We met a nice elderly couple on the trolley. He used to be one of the defensive coaches for Missouri. He coached during the beginning of Osborne's career. We talked the whole 40 minutes about football and how much he admired Nebraska, the football team and its fans."We were one of kind!"- That coming from a Missouri coach.

So all this being said. I do love Nebraska football. I love all football- but especially NU football. Our state is unique in that we don't have any pro teams or other college teams in that division. So it allows us to come together on game day. And nothing is better than going down to the stadium on game day. Its the energy, the smell of the concessions, the band playing and the never-ending sea of RED that seems to be flooding the city. The excitement and anticipation is almost overwhelming... and that's before you even get to your seat!

I am afraid this game will ruin that image for me. Its a night game- which means tailgaters have been partying since noon. Many of which could be from California- which could cause some tension... as if there isn't already enough of that! People are passionate about football and seem to get crazy and defensive. Some are just down right rude. Also, I have never been to a NU game where Nebraska has lost. Which is probably why I love going to games. I don't want to see Nebraska lose- especially up close and in person.

I think NU will fight a good fight on Saturday and I hope they win! But the odds are against them and I just can't risk it!

You can call me selfish or a pansy or a fair weather fan or whatever. But I am going to be at home, wearing my Husker red and cheering them on from my family room. It will definitely be a great game! GO HUSKERS!


Lindsey said...

I still think you are crazy for not going!

kris said...

excuses excuses! I still would have gone! lol! just kidding- I understand your point! And lets just hope they aren't like the Colorado fans! They are the worst!

Audra said...

Some of our friends were kind of shocked we didn't want to go. So I just wanted to put it out there. People are getting way too crazy about this game.