Sunday, September 09, 2007

What if...

My bestfriend growing up and on the swim team was Tracy. She had a little sister named Kasey who was always wanting to play with us and do things with us. Especially barbies! She always wanted us to play barbies with her- but of course we were too old to do that! We spent five years practically attached to eachother. Going to family outings with each others families, telling people we were sisters and traveling every weekend to swim meets. We lost touch when her family moved to Wolbach in jr high. We would talk on the phone but soon that stopped too. And by highschool- we were strangers.

Two weeks ago I received a phone call from my mom. Kasey had died. Not my friend but her little sister. The one we ignored and never wanted to play with. She had epilepsy. One night she felt a seizure coming on and headed into the kitchen for her meds. She lost consciousness, her head hitting the trash can and falling to the floor. She fell such that her head landed in the trash can with the liner and it suffocated her. She was only 23.

What if I would have played with her, included her, befriended her? What if I wouldn't have treated her like the annoying little sister? What if I could back-knowing how it was going to end?

Not many people that I know have died. I have had grandparents pass on- but we knew it was coming. Something like this was so unexpected and shocking. We weren't even close and I feel affected by it. At Kynna's soccer game there a was girl there that looked like Kasey when we she was girl. She had her mannerisms, energy and blond curly hair.

I think it just reminds me how fragile life is. We can't take it for granted. We should live everyday to the fullest and tell those we love- how much we love and appreciate them.

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Lindsey said...

That's so sad! But you can't second guess your choices- you are a good person. Remember that!