Friday, June 06, 2008

Friday FUNNIES!!!!

Thank goodness its FRIDAY!!

Our weather lately has been CRAZY...and that's putting it mildly. For the last week and a half we've had our emergency basket sitting out by the stairs. Its full of flashlights, bottled water and a weather radio...just incase we have to run to the basement.

When we were putting it together the first night, the girls were full of questions about what we were going to do if a tornado hit, what would happen to our house, etc. We told them that its just a precaution and everyone's safety is more important that anything in the house. All that stuff can be replaced...that's what insurance is for.

A little bit later I noticed the girls (all three of them) putting things in the basement playroom. Corynn was taking all her favorite animals down there and the girls we taking some of their favorite art pieces down there.

I casually asked Kynna what she was doing. She told me that insurance wouldn't be able to replace her art so she was making sure it was safe. Corynn's main concern...her stuffed animals and babies. It took numerous trips for all her "stuff" to make it to safety. In fact, I think the storm passed us by the time she finally finished. :)

We didn't make a big deal of it.. but it was funny to see them selecting their most favorite possessions and making sure they were safe.

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