Thursday, June 12, 2008


We live in the south part of town and for the most part- completely missed by the storms and tornadoes that dotted the southeastern part of the state last night.

We were at the zoo last night when we decided to head home about 7pm. I think we were home for about 5 minutes before the sirens went off. We grabbed our supplies and stuffed animals of course, and headed for the basement. John and I were outside for the beginning of it- we had alot of rotation in the clouds by our house- but the wind was really calm and there wasn't any rain. Very spooky. We didn't even get rain until probably 8:45 or so- and then it RAINED! Spectacular lightning! NO flooding though- we're completely dry and no wind damage.

Some parts of town were flooded with over 4 inches of rain- which is crazy!

We were saddened to hear of the Scouts in Iowa- its just so sad!

Hopefully were done with storms for awhile- these past few weeks have been enough!

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