Saturday, June 07, 2008

She did it!- kind of...

She made it through the first half of the game - then her foot hurt too much to continue. But she hit a really good one and made onto the bases.

She said batting is the hardest because there is so much to remember.

Swing level.
Try not to hit the coach.
Drop the bat after hitting the ball.
Run to the base behind you (she's a lefty).

BUT she made it!!!!!!!!!

Here she is playing third base. There are no outs in tball and its really relaxed. So she didn't do much on third- but she had fun.

After about 45 minutes of practice and game playing- she "couldn't stand it anymore!" (in her own words) So she rested her foot and watched the other girls play. It was all super cute!

It was all kind of crazy- being the first game and most of the girls had no clue what they were doing. So I helped keep the kids on track. While helping at third base- one little girl said "I never get out! Know why?"
I didn't want to say- because the rules say no one gets I just asked "Why?"

She pointed to her shoes and said "because I wore my super fast shoes and no one can catch me when I have mu super fast shoes on!" So precious!

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Deb said...

She cracks me up I tell ya!!! And I love her polka dot pants... high fashion even when playing softball. xoxo