Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter 2010

It was definitely an interesting Easter this year. Every year since the twins were born we've spent the holiday with John's parents and grandma and my mom and grandparents. We split our time in between the families and made time for everyone.

This year was different.

I knew that eventually time would catch up with us, things would change and that everything wouldn't always be as it always was. BUMMER! Even though I knew that time was coming- I wasn't ready!

Easter was still great- just different. My grandparents came up from GI town, some of John's friends came up (they came home to visit family for the holiday), and my little brother, his girlfriend and her daughter were also with us. 7 children running around the house, some of which were preteen girls talking about boys (I'm so not ready for this!) and fun conversations. It was absolutely gorgeous outside- the kids ran, windows were open, birds were singing and our magnolia tree is in bloom. (I've snipped a couple of branches and put them in a tall vase in the kitchen...they smell so good and look so pretty!)

It was a really nice day and fun seeing everyone.

And here's a funny little story for ya!

Saturday was our big get together. So that morning we went around the yard and did poop patrol. The twins and John were my scouts and I was the picker-upper (well actually the raker-upper, but whatever). We were walking the grid in the front yard when I hear Pucca yell down from an open window on the second story...


Umm duh! Isn't it obvious... "Finding Easter eggs!" I reply.

"Really! Easter eggs from the Easter bunny!?"

"No- from Emma!"

"Oh. I'm not interested in Emma poop." She scrunches up her face, gives a little wave and retreats back into the house.

Did I mention she was yelling down from the second story (we haven't put our screens back on the windows so she was poking her head out) and I was no where near the house. So our neighbors heard that entire lovely conversation. About poop. That's classy- let me tell you!

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