Saturday, April 24, 2010

chaos indeed!

Today was Pucca's birthday party...with things all crazy like in our lives right now- this was the only weekend we could make it work. At least its still April!

She decided no tea party this year- she wanted to invite her whole class...all 24 of them. I was so excited that another classmate was having a party basically at the same time so half the kids couldn't come to both...which limited the attending guests! YAY!

Seriously...11 kids was plenty!

We had a 'spring' themed bday party. Party favors included butterfly nets and bug catcher jars...while we were waiting for parents, the kids went and explored the yard looking for bugs.

We played pin the butterfly on the flower (our version of pin the tail on the donkey), toss the critter (we had buckets lined up- with varying points...seeing who could score the most critters and gain the most points.) We also had a pinata...decorated especially for Pucca. It was a pull string pinata- very cool. We had each kid grab a string and pull. Pucca picked the winning string- but I don't think anyone noticed- it was all craziness once the loot began to fall! :)

We had dirt cupcakes complete with gummy worms, ice cream and bug juice.

It was only an hour- but holy smokes...pure stinkin' chaos!

Here's an overview of the party! Happy Day, Ms Pucca!

On a purely parental note- it was so fun to see Pucca interact with her school friends. She is adored by them...such a good kid! And there's one boy in particular that is really sweet on her...can you spy it in the collage?

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