Tuesday, April 27, 2010

little moments

Today the twins went to the Sheldon Art Museum on a field trip for school. They were pretty excited- not sure if it was because of the art or because it was a field trip (field trip days were always so much fun!)...but either way they expressed great anticipation and enthusiasm for the day.

I had a day cram packed with errands, cleaning and laundry (so much so that it has spilled over into tomorrow's to-do list- UGH!). Anyway- the field trip had slipped my mind...that is until I picked the twins up from school. I was also picking up two other girls besides the twins...all of which were being kind of quiet and giggly.

I asked what was going on...Kwynnie handed me her free tour voucher for the museum. OH YA... the museum - "How was it?"

giggle. giggle.

Then Kynna asks "Why are there so many nude sculptures? And why do they always emphasize the woman's chest?"

(me:) "Well, (digging deep into my mind for any helpful tidbits from my art history classes in college) the woman's form symbolizes life and motherhood. Both of which are honorable and beautiful. A woman's chest displays a mother's ability to feed her baby- to give nourishment and life. Artists like to display this respectfully in their pieces."

(Kynna:) "And why aren't there very many naked men sculptures and artwork?"

Becoming flustered and not entirely sure I should be the one explaining this to other people's children...I said the first thing I could think of..."Because men's parts aren't as appealing as women's." (stated very matter of factly)


(Kynna:) "So boy's parts are ugly?"


This is so not going how I wanted it to go...change the subject...change the subject...is that a bird?

(me:) "Pretty much. You'll understand when you're older. So do you have homework tonight? Avery, am I taking you home after the movie? Kynna- don't forget you'll be late going to school tomorrow you have a dentist appointment..."

I pretty much talked the rest of the commute. There was no way I was going have a conversation about the male nether regions with children other than my own. Could you imagine the phone calls?! Good grief!

I'm a pretty open mom- especially with my children. When we got home I explained that men are a little egotistical when it comes to those parts. They love them- its weird. And many artists don't want to offend by getting it wrong- so they choose not to portray them at all or opt to cover/obscure them. Its just easier that way.

They seemed to understand. And still no phone calls! :)

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The Brink Blog said...

I had to laugh at this one...I am sure this is what I will get to look forward to when Kayin reaches that age! Good thing you blogged about it because I can reference if I need to! :)