Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Doubly blessed

April 5th is a GREAT day! Not only because my mother and father in law were married on that day, but also because my baby, Pucca was born on that day.

'Elvis' and 'Audrey' celebrated 42 years together yesterday. And Pucca turned 7!

We weren't able to celebrate their anniversary- our trip to Texas was cancelled...but I wanted to let them know that we love them! I love them! I think they are amazing people. My mother in law is queen when it comes to decorating, manners, or anything proper. Do-mes-ti-cated! FOR REALS! And her house is super clean...all the time! Even under beds and in the closets...its crazy! She's super courteous and very kind!

My father in law is fun, personable, down to earth and an all around nice guy! My own father wasn't around much growing up- so I've adopted him into that role. We joke with eachother and he's an amazing grandpa.

These two make a sweet couple. They are so fun to watch and how they interact with the grandchildren. 42 years is quite an accomplishment! Plus- as the more years go by...the more juicy tidbits and family stories I hear. Which is always fun!

Pucca is a one of kind child. A few days ago we were outside working in the yard and Pucca was flitting around doing her diva thing as usual. And in that moment I realized why she wasn't twins. Because the good Lord knew- we could never survive two of her! She has a big personality, smart a whip and can charm just about anyone. She is constantly making us laugh with her outrageous one liners and will probably be the reason I commit myself to the looney bin. We love her...she's a wonderful addition to our family.

We always do favorite meals for birthdays at our house. Her menu was steak and ribs. Well it was rainy and grey and ribs take too long for a week night... so we took her to a steak house. She said it wasn't the same...but didn't seem to mind once the steak got there.

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