Monday, April 12, 2010

A trip to see gma ski

My older brother and three of his kids are in town staying with us. We took a little trip yesterday to see mom.

The kids wheeled her around and helped her with all her tubes and gadgets.

We took mom outside to enjoy the beautiful spring day! Doesn't she look great!

The kids ran around the hospital, up and down elevators and escalators. We talked, shared stories of mom's hospital journey (including her period of near madness), I painted her toenails...and after about 45 minutes- that was enough. We had wore her out. So we took her back to bed.

Sure do love that lady!

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The Brink Blog said...

I am sure she enjoyed seeing all the kids! What a trooper you have been! Thanks again for Saturday--it was a great time (Kayin keeps asking when she can run again like Emma)!!