Sunday, May 08, 2011

And now you know the rest of the story....

Typical me...I have a wonderful, totally awesome idea, however I don't quite think it through before jumping right in!

I had this idea for our Mother's day cards this year- I was going to have the children spell out "I heart u"! They could lay in the yard and I would climb up the ladder to the necessary height and VOILA! A 'Happy Mother's Day' card that was completely original!

I was super excited about getting this done and getting in the mail...that as soon as everyone returned home from school- I hurried them out into the front yard! My ladder plan wasn't going to work because it was WAY TOO WINDY and I thought I would blow over...ladder and all. So INSTEAD I climbed up on the courtyard wall. It wasn't by any means graceful, but simple enough.

So there I am standing on the wall, when I notice that I can't get the whole set-up in the shot! NOT even when I held the camera WAAAAAYYYY over my head and prayed for the miracle snap.

Well, as luck has it our courtyard wall has pillars in it- which would give me another two feet in height. That may just work! So up I go...another two feet onto a pillar that's not more than 18" by 18". Phfew! I made it! Still not tall enough but I had to make work! So once again I held the camera WAAAAYYYYY above my head and started snapping random shots, hoping and praying one was usable! Then the wind picked up even more, our fabric heart started blowing everywhere and I was getting wobbly. Time to get down!

Anyone see a problem!? 18"x18" pillar...lots of wind...imbalanced pregnant lady...5 1/2 feet off the ground. I had no idea what to do! Kynna suggested I jump. Kwynn asked if we should call someone and Pucca told me to "wait it out" until dad came home.

Just as I'm sending the girls in the garage to get the ladder, John gets home from work and saves the day! He didn't even looked surprised- he just shook his head at my craziness and helped me down. I had just finished explaining the whole story- beginning to end, and asked him if he had anything to say (fully expecting to be reprimanded or the receiver of sarcastic criticism)... "I hope you got the shot." and he walked in the house.

Well, luckily I did! And I love it!

BTW I'm totally hoping one of our neighbors got it on video- because it would definitely go viral on Youtube! :)


Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

Audra, you are blessed to have John. His temperament is a good compliment to your zany ideas... P. S. I love the photo! Love, mom

Kindergarten Team said...

I second your mom's comment...I literally could see John shaking his head at your crazy antics! :) And we love them!!!!