Friday, May 06, 2011

To all the lovely ladies...

I 'HEART' U...all!

To mom:
YOU are amazing and we LOVE you very much! I couldn't have been born to a more wonderful lady and our children couldn't have a more wonderful grandma! Thank you for the many qualities you instilled in me...strength, confidence, love and kindness. I think the big man upstairs knew I was going to be a stubborn, head strong and opinionated handful...and we were put together so you could show me kindness, patience, and seeing past 'right this minute'. Thank you for being my mom!

To Nancy: YOU are wonderfully superb in so many ways! Thank you for raising such a kind son- he's the best husband and father. I know we had you worried in the beginning, but thanks to you and Jeff (your tough love, support and example) we've made an amazing family! You are an excellent teacher- you've taught me how to cook, keep house, fun crafts and projects with the kids and how be organized...mostly just by example. Even John's surprised at how far I've come! :)

To Gma Scarborough: YOU are a blessing! I've always loved you...I think you won my heart when I was 4 and you let me dust all your 'pretties'! OH! how I looked forward to coming over and rearranging and playing (and dusting) all your glass and crystal baubles. You helped raise us- and to this day macaroni in a mug is the ONLY way to eat it! As I've grown older- I've come to admire your dedication (your flowers are always gorgeous!), your devotion (to mom and family) and your strength and grace (your battle with cancer).

To Gma Tillie: YOU are my SUNSHINE! I love you, woman! I love talking with you, laughing with you, listening to your silly (and sometimes dirty) jokes and stories, and watching you light up when the grandkids come to visit. You've always welcomed me and made me feel apart of the family and I will never forget that! Getting you as a grandma- was the best wedding present I received!

To Gma Hoskins: YOU are my rock. Through your stories and our conversations- I've learned what a strong woman you are. In so many ways, I think I'm most like you. BUT even so- I'm no where near the woman you are! Your posterity is amazing...and how much we all LOVE you is incalculable. You gave everything for your family, put the needs of other's first and stuck to your convictions in trying times. You were a hardworker- doing what needed to be done no matter what. These character defining traits are portrayed time and time again in all the stories you've shared. Your honest and candid- which I love! I'm so thankful to have you as the matriarch of our family!


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