Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Can this week drag on any slower!? It is the girls' last week of school and its feels like its just going and going and going. I can't tell how much I'm looking forward to a lazy summer. No big cross country trips. Only one child participating in a sport (Pucca in softball...and I'm totally going to have to post a video of her grand slamming that ball in the front yard! Serious power!). A smaller more condensed garden to tend. And only one week of camps (we were lucky enough to be able to schedule all the girls' camps in the same week!).

This summer couldn't be anymore low key! And I'm not the only one looking forward to it! I asked the girls what they had planned for the summer...

Kynna: "I'm going to try and do a little exercise everyday" A perfectly responsible Kynna response

Kwynnie: "I'm going to read, listen to my ipod and hopefully get a tan." A perfectly typical Kwynnie response- realistic and understated.

Pucca: "I'm going to try my best not to annoy you, play with my friends and get ready to be a big sister- cuz that's serious stuff you know!" A perfectly adorable Pucca response


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Kindergarten Team said...

I completely agree!! This week has been dragging and I am ready for summer to be here...and with the WARM weather!