Tuesday, May 07, 2013

goings on

Here's what been happening on the home front:

Evie has been sick with a cold. :( Poor thing! She's been lounging around in her pjs and snuggling up to her baby doll. She really likes Animal Planet. She'll go about 10 minutes intently watching the animals. Then she's up and off to bigger and better things.

Corynn scored a perfect score on her State Writing test! So proud of that monkey!!! The prompt was - Write about the best day you've ever had. And she wrote about the day Evie was born. Isn't that sweet!?

Spring is trying its hardest to arrive! It had a rough week last week with snow and sleet. Its amazing though what a couple days of sunshine can do! Last night was per-fect! Here's the view from our front porch.

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