Thursday, May 02, 2013

no May day

I can't remember - ever - in my 33 years of life, there being snow and sleet in May! Pure craziness! May day is a favorite holiday around our house. Running over to friends and family with little treats, knocking on the door, leaving a sweet surprise on the doorstep and running away! In hopes of not getting caught, of course!

Not this year. It was pouring and only 36 degrees outside. Such a bummer! We'll have to plan something super fun for next year!

Despite the May Day failure...I wanted to share two of my favorite May day stories with you!

This story takes place way back when the twins were just little bits. They were just about two years old and we lived in a house that had a huge bay window in the front. We placed a chest beneath the window so that the little twinnies could crawl up and watch the cars and people go by. They LOVED it! 

On May Day, John's mom came over with little goodies for the girls. One of the twins saw her approaching and started babbling to her sister. Soon they were both at the window jumping around and getting all excited. I wasn't sure what they were looking at- and by the time I got to the window they were freaking out and crying. One was saying 'no bye! no bye!'. I got to the window just in time to see Grandma getting her car and leaving. 

I checked the door and there were two little bags for the girls. I tried to explain, but they wanted nothing to do with that. They wanted to know why Grandma left. It was so sweet! Once they saw what was in the bags, they calmed a little. But I had to call Grandma and have her come back over and stay this time. 

The other favorite May day happened about 5 years ago. It was a hot day. My mom was in town and John took off a bit early. So we all hopped in the van with the girls, the goodies and a list of their friends. 

One house sat on the corner of a busy intersection. It was about 5:00pm and we didn't want to park in their drive way, because the whole point is to get away before they answer the door. And we thought we might get stuck in the drive with all the traffic. So we went around the block, dropped the twins off without even putting the car in park and told them to run around the block to where we would be parked. 

We drive off and wait. And wait. And wait. Hmmmmm- turns out we should have specified which block we were going around. :) The next house was a bit tricky because the girl was playing outside across the street from her house. So McKynna got out and ran the goodie basket up to the door, but before she could get back in the van she was intercepted by her friend. You're not supposed to get caught, so a chase gave way and she ended up jumping in the van door as it was idling down the street. She got away, but it was close! And then on the way to one of Corynn's friend's houses...we got lost. She lived in an townhouse complex where all the houses look the same and kind of blend into eachother. Of course I didn't have the actual address, just where I thought I remember it being. I mean I was sure of where it was until we got there...and then I started to doubt myself. I think we drove around the complex for about 20 minutes. Finally I just made my best judgement call and picked the one I thought it was. Worst case- it wasn't hers and some stranger got some yummy popcorn and m&ms. 

But now the twinnies are too old and cool to do the knocking and running thing. Corynn still gets a kick out it! So at least there will be someone around to show Evie how its done!

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