Thursday, May 23, 2013


I had to drive the twins and some other students to and from a field trip Tuesday. Now I'm perfectly aware that the girls are entering the 'parents aren't cool' stage of life and I'm fine with that. Been there done that. So I played it low key. Didn't start up any conversations or follow up on any stories they were sharing in the car. Just kind of played it cool in the front seat- being the best little chauffeur I could be!  BUT holy smokes that was hard! So many times I wanted to join into the conversation and add my two cents. But I resisted.

Once back at the school and all of the kids were out of the car (perfectly polite kids I might add! All of them thanked me for the ride- kudos fellow parents!) Kynna came back and asked "Are you feeling alright, mom? You were really quiet- is something wrong?"

Man! I never win!

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