Friday, May 10, 2013

someone needs a haircut

OR at least her bangs trimmed! 

I just love her strawberry blonde hair! I've been putting it in a ponytail all week. It only lasts about 20-30 minutes. But I'm trying to get her used to it. Her hair is super fine and most hair clips will just fall out. I may take her to the salon for this trim...she's getting pretty wiggly for me to attempt it at home! :)

UPDATE: I wrote this yesterday afternoon...and last evening I went ahead and trimmed her bangs. I trimmed them while she sat on her scooter in the driveway waiting for dad to get home. She sat still, we can see her eyes and she's still super cute! 


Kori said...

Super cute girlie! Love the header picture of your blog too!

Audra said...

Thanks Kori!