Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Birthdays AND plans that don't go as planned

Last week was my 34th birthday! Woohoo! I'm getting up there, but it's all good! I went to GI town to have lunch with my mom and grandma. It was a lovely afternoon and I had a really nice time. Evie even put on a show for the small cafe...dancing to their mood music for the enjoyment of all the other patrons. She's a cutie!

My grandma sent me home with a ginormous german chocolate cake- which my family was forever grateful for! They devoured it all weekend long!

And I almost single-handedly ate the two dozen yummy cookies from my mom. YUM. No regrets!

AND then Sunday was my mother in law's birthday. It's not very often we get to spend her special day with her- so we thought it would be fun to spoil her with her favorite meal, balloons and a cake.

Our intentions were grand and it's the thought that counts. Which is perfect because all did not go according to plan!

It was BEAUTIFUL outside (60+ degrees) and she was craving margherita pizza. So we decided to grill up some at their house on the patio and take full advantage of the day.

Our first choice for pizza crust was closed, so we tried another store. No luck. But we did grab some organic tomatoes, wet mozz and yummy smelling basil. Ran home to grab the other three kids, the gift and a few groceries. We wrangled everyone in the car and ran over to a grocery store to grab the rest of the stuff, balloons, flowers etc. I was in charge of the food and John was in charge of the balloons and flowers. Evie sat in the cart and screamed the entire time. John was still waiting for the balloons so I checked out and headed out to the car. After about 5 minutes, I went back in to see if all was ok. Just our luck - it was newbie employee. Very inexperienced. It took her 22 minutes to blow up 4 regular balloons and a mylar. GRRRRRRR....I wasn't impressed.

We get everyone and the balloons and flowers in the car and start heading over to Nancy's house. We are about to turn into their subdivision when Kwynn says "I find it ironic that the balloon says 'Happy Cake day' and we don't have a cake!" 

OH CRAP! I completely forgot to grab a cake while we were at the store. By now we are in the driveway and it's already 1:30. We decide to just ask her what kind of cake she wants - and go get it after lunch.

We make the pizzas- which was easy and fine but one of my tomatoes was completely black on the inside and unusable. GRRRRRR.

We burned the pizzas.

I went to change Evie and realized I left the diaper bag in the van- which John had left in to go get the cake. Evie runs around commando for about 5 minutes before she has an accident and is now buck naked! Poor Nancy, at this point, is thinking- quit spoiling me...REALLY stop...now! 

John gets back and I realize there is no diaper bag in the van. GRRRRRR

Evie and I run back home, grab pants and the diaper bag. Oh- ya...my gas tank is on EMPTY. Owell.

We get back and enjoy some DQ cake. Pick up our mess, gives hugs and loves and farewells.

Nancy is free of our CHAOS...which probably ended up being the best part of the birthday!

We love you Nancy- and promise to spoil you again (with far less drama)!!

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